Miller Chiropractic Clinic uses a variety of exercises and rehabilitative therapies specific to patients' presentations, life styles and physical abilities.

The first rule, as is the case with any physician, is to do no harm. This rule is incorporated with any design toward rehabilitation and exercise programs.

Nutritional therapy is also a consideration, taking into account the patient's health history. Nutritional counseling is available for patients who would benefit from dietary supplements or changes to facilitate the body's normal healing process.

Poor diets and improper nutrition cause many discomforts and maladies. Miller Chiropractic Clinic is aware of this and can offer sensible, safe, effective advice in this area.

Chiropractic can help with postural problems by performing strengthening and stretching exercises.

Today one in three patients with back pain consults a chiropractor and, in Pelvis Allignment1990 alone, there were 160 million chiropractic office consultations in the United States.

Most private insurers and Medicare reimburse for chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic therapy has been added to health plan coverage because companies found it effective in improving employee health and productivity.  Moreover, employers have noticed that workers' medical and compensation costs are lowered by its implementation.

Since back injury is high on the list of workers' compensation complaints, it's not surprising that chiropractic therapy has moved into this arena.  One Oregon study found a median of time taken off work for chiropractic claimants with chronic low back pain to be nine days vs. a median of 34.5 days for those patients under medical care. 
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In a similar Australian study, chiropractic patients lost just over six days of work, while those who received traditionaI medical care missed 25 days of work.

A New England Journal of Medicine article stated that a group of patients with acute low back pain was more satisfied with the treatment they received from chiropractors than from orthopedic surgeons or primary care physicians.


Headache and Neck Pain Art

As computers, televisions, and automobiles increasingly define our modern lifestyle, neck and head pain are correspondingly on the increase. Fixed-head postures and visual focusing in one position create strain on the neck and upper back area, and visual changes related to computers seem to stimulate a reaction in the eyes that is referenced back to the spine and the head

Effectiveness of Spinal Manipulation

Research to date has established that spinal manipulation does alleviate headaches, especially those of the tension/migraine variety. While manipulation may not be able to immediately reduce all the inflammatory changes and effects that the headache has caused, that condition frequently will stabilize enough overnight to show improvement the following day.  There is also evidence that the use of cervical manipulation may offer a more lasting impact on keeping headaches under control.


The following two-minute, range-of-motion exercise regimen is especially for those who work regularly with computers:

Do each of the exercises three times each, preferably once an hour.  The exercises should be done slowly and gently. It is most important not to force the motions of the head and neck beyond the point of pain. Do not do the exercises in quick or jerky fashion. Remember that the key is flexibility and mobility. It is impossible to obtain normal range of motion of the neck without proper exercise.

1. Hunch your shoulders up high and rotate in a circular motion forward, then reverse and rotate the shoulder backwards. Shoulders can be rotated individually or together.

2. Gently bend the head forward, attempting to touch the chin to the chest

3. Gently bend the head backward to its limit.

4. Bend the head to the right as far as possible.

5. Carefully roll the head around in a wide circle in one direction, then reverse and roll the head around in the opposite direction.

Note: If you feel dizzy or sore from the exercises, you are probably doing them too fast or forcing them through pain.

Modern Life: A Pain in the Neck and Head

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