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Dr. Miller was trained in the Palmer package of adjusting techniques, a package of 14 different types of techniques taught at Palmer College. The package includes active release technique (ART), myofascial technique and activator technique.
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ART addresses the soft tissue of hypertonic muscles with myofascitis to help reestablish normal muscle movement (biomechanics).

Myofascial technique addresses the release of soft tissue, or problems with fibrosis (built-up scar tissue within the muscle).

Activator technique can be used as an adjusting tool for pediatric patients. It can also be a non-invasive, low force treatment for patients with physical attributes that can't tolerate manual adjustments.

After a thorough ortho-neuro, radiographic chiropractic examination, Dr. Miller will decide which techniques to use. Therapy is dependent on examination findings and patient complaints.


Manipulation of the spine to mobilize and adjust the joints and tissues is the primary tool of chiropractors, whose practice focuses on non-invasive, drug-free techniques.  "Chiropractic tends to be more of a global approach, " Dr. Kimberlee Davis, a practitioner and an assistant professor at Palmer Chiropractic College, said.  "We look at all the different factors in someone's life, not just the symptoms."

Here are some cases and their results that Dr. Miller reported some of his patients have experienced.

Two separate patients told Dr. Miller that their hearing had improved since he performed adjustments on them. One of the patients had worn a hearing aid for 14 years; he's not wearing it any more.

Another patient had suffered from severe headaches since her teens. The headaches occurred every 14 days without fail. After just one adjustment, the headaches stopped completely.Skeleten Health

A seven-month-old infant had suffered from projectile vomiting almost daily since birth. The pediatrician told the parents that the baby would outgrow this symptom. The vomiting stopped after the first adjustment by Dr. Miller.


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